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These nineteenth century embossed sarsaparilla bottlesare the usual rectangular, aqua types, but have a certaincharacter due to the additional embossing of "Queen'sDelight" on the Dr. Tutt's, Morley's over Jarman's and St.Louis over New York on the Dr. Morley's, and a slope of the sidesto the base giving a "coffin" shape plus more shoulderembossing on the Wetherell's.

My Dr. Tutt's // Sarsaparilla /& / Queen's Delight // New York is extremely rare accordingto John DeGrafft in American Sarsaparilla Bottles. Itmeasures 71/2 inches in height, as do the two knownalso extremely rare variants, one in aqua and one in amber,embossed Augusta, Ga., in place of New York. Dr. William H. Tuttwas born in 1823, Augusta, Ga. He became a prominent physician inthe South, and later became involved in patent medicines in bothAugusta and New York City. He began his drug business at 264Broad St. in Augusta, and remained in it until 1850 when he movedto New York, according to Carlyn Ring in For Bitters Only.Phyllis Shinko in Sarsaparilla Bottle Encyclopediaindicates that the Georgia company was in business at least from1879 through 1896, and the New York business was from at least1869 through 1918. In 1879, Tutt and a Mr. Remsen were druggistsat 264 Broad in Augusta, but Tutt lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey.They continued to be listed from 1880 through 1882, but continuedhis business in New York until he sold it in the mid-1890s. Heretired soon and died and died March 15, 1898. The obituaryindicates that he left a wife and 5 married children. Wm. H.Tutt, Jr., was listed in 1895-96 with Remsen and Tutt at 325Broad in Augusta. The New York business address was 35 Murray 1879, 44 Murray in 1886, and the Dr. Tutt Mfg. Co. was listedat 84 Reade St. in 1918. In 1879, Dr. Tutt put out a ManualOf Valuable Information And Useful Recipes.

Dr. Tutt's Sarsaparilla & Queen's

Delight, New York

Dr. Jarman's Sarsaparilla and

Iod Potass., New York

This publication advertises hissarsaparilla as well as Tutt's Liver Pills. Hair Dye, andExpectorant, sold also in "Canada, Europe, South America,Mexico, and Australia". I don't know why the sarsaparillabottle should be so scarce. They also had a bitters which came inthis rare bottle: amber, square, 91/2 inches tall, andembossed // Dr. Wm. H. Tutt's // // Golden Eagle / Bitters //.

Where did "Queen'sDelight" on the sarsaparilla come from? I had assumed thatit was from King Tut (Tutankhamen) of Egypt, 1348-1339 B.C. Hebecame king at 9 years of age, soon took the third daughter ofAkhenaton to be his queen, and died before age twenty. Heprobably needed a good pediatrician. He was buried in a lavishtomb with all sorts of gold treasures including a pure gold innercoffin in his likeness. Some of these have been shown in theUnited States, and most are in a museum in Cairo. However, thistomb was not excavated until 1923, and it must have been quite adig, but it was a little late for Dr. Tutu. The word tut in aninterjection and defined as an exclamation used to check orrebuke or to express impatience or contempt. John Bartlett in FamiliarQuotations gives this: "Tut, tut child" said theDuches, "Everything's got a moral if only you can findit", from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter8, written by Lewis Carrol in 1865, A duchess in not a queen, butthere is a Queen of Hearts in this popular story which came alongabout the time Dr. Tutt was naming his sarsaparilla. Perhaps thisis the source.

Dr. Morley's Sarsaparilla and

Iod. Potass., St. Louis.

Wetherell's Sarsaparilla,

Exeter, N.H.

Dr. Jarman's // Sarsaparilla / And/ Iod. Potass // New York, 91/2 inches tall bottlesare considered to be rare by John DeGrafft. Their companionbottles are extremely rare and embossed Dr. Morley's //Sarsaparilla / And / Iod. Potass // St. Louis. Mine measures 93/8inches in height. Jarman's has been blocked out underneath St.Louis, but both words are quite legible. Shimko illustrates a Dr.Wm. Jarman's Sarsaparilla with Iodides of Potassium and Iron ad.It sold for $1.00 per bottle and the lower portion reads,"Insist on having Dr. Jarman's Sarsaparilla and don't letthe dealer fool you into taking some cheap mixture of flavoredmolasses and water that he may claim to be just as good". Alabel on the Morley bottle gives, "Morley's Formerly M. (notWm.) Jarman's Sarsaparilla with the Iodides of Potash &Iron---". Apparently this was W.J. Morley who advertised hissarsaparilla in 1899, 1902 and 1908-09 in Churchill DrugCatalogs. Morley established the Morley Drug Company in 1874, at207 Pecan Street. His brother S.K. Morley joined him in 1876. Ina few years they moved to a three story brick building at 209Sixth Street. The company name remains on the facade, but theGrove Drug occupied the building in the 1970s. Morley also putout Barber's Hair Dye, Improved Hair Dye No. 1, T.X.S. (soundslike an abbreviation for Texas) Hair Tonic, Aromatic ElixirGinger, Blackberry Balsam, Honey Pectoral, Liver and KidneyCordial, and Tasteless Chill Tonic. Chris Morley of Victoria,B.C. and Charles E. Morley of Oakland, Cal. also had unrelatedsarsaparilla products.

Wetherell's // Sarsaparilla //Exeter, N.H. bottles with A.S.W on the right shoulder and 1881 onthe left, and with lower sides that slope deeply toward the baseto give a coffin shape, measure 93/8 inches in height,and are considered to be scarce by DeGrafft. Albert S. Wetherellwas born in Norridgwock, Maine, in 1851. He established a drugstore in Exeter, N.H., in the 1870s which continued into the1900s. He opened a new store on Water St. in 1896. Wetherellserved as president of New Hampshire Pharmaceutical Associationin 1892, and in 1893 and 1895 was a member of the N.H. StateLegislature.

Character "ain't" color,but it sure helps the bottles I'm looking for!

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