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One definition of the word radical is going to the rootor origin. Apparently that’s what the manufactures of twoproducts in my collection meant by the word: Da Costa’s / Radical / Cure // Morris& Heritage // Philadelphia, aqua, rectangular, 8 3/8 inchestall, Da Coasta’s / Radical / Cure // Dr. Morris // Syrup of Tar, aqua, rectangular, 5 3/8 inchestall and Sanford’s // // Radical Cure, cobalt, rectangular,7 3/4 inches tall. Some Sanfords have Weeks & Potter / BostonUSA on the base and some Potter Drug & Chemical Corporation /Boston Mass. USA. Mine has only an indented circle with 1 in thecenter.

Sanford’sRadical Cure.

Costa’sRadical Cure Bottles.

Raphael B. Da Costa is first listed in the 1855 Philadelphiadirectory as the manufacturer of West Indian Tooth Wash whichcame in a blowpipe pontiled aqua rectangular bottle 3 3/4 inchestall, embossed R.B. Da Costa (in an arch) Philada / West Indian// // Tooth Wash. The address was 459 Vine St. He moved in 1859to 805 S. 5th St., and again in 1861 to 1722 S. 5th St. Theaddress in 1869 changed to 1724 5th. In 1870 he changed his namefrom Raphael to Robert, and moved to 423 Canal in 1874. Da Costaplaced other medicinal brands on the market including his RadicalCure. It is believed that if he eventually gave sole agency ofhis brands to Johnson, Holloway & Co. of Philadelphia, alarge wholesale drug firm that came to control Hoofland’sGerman Bitters and a number of other top name brand medicines.I’m not sure where Dr. Morris and Morris and Heritage fitinto the picture.
Bill Agee didn’t list Da Costa’s Radical Cure until hissecond book, and the larger size is among the bottles pictured onthe front cover.
Samuel T.W. Sanford, a New York City physician, began selling theInvigorator in the mid-1840’s, and first advertised it asSanford’s Liver Remedy. I have a blowpipe pontiled aquarectangular bottle 6 1/8 inches tall, embossed Dr. Sanford’s/ Invigorator // Sanford & Co. // // Proprietors, N.Y. JimHolst also lists bpp. pontiled variants embossed Dr.Sanford’s / Invigorator / Or / Liver Remedy // New York,aqua and rarely green,
rectangular, 7 5/8 inches tall and Dr. Sanford’s //Liver / Invigorator // New York, aqua, rectangular, 7 1/2 inchestall. In the 1850’s Weeks and Potter of Boston, Mass., wasgiven the sole proprietorship and agency for the brand. About1860 Sanford’s sons joined his business and they and futurefamily members retained control of their brands through the turnof the century. The Radical Cure was first introduced about 1871.The Potter Drug and Chemical Co. of Boston and London, was formedabout 1877. Samuel Sanford retired in the early 1880’s.

Dr. Sanford’sInvigorator, blow pipe pontil.

Sanford’s Radical Cure was for "catarrh, ringing noisesin the head, deafness, bleeding of the lungs etc."
The cobalt color of this cure bottle makes it special. Othercobalt cures known to me are: Bennet’s Magic Cure,Hamilton’s, pontiled from the Baltimore area, Dr. J.B.Henion’s Sure Cure For Malaria, Hillemann’s AmericanChicken Cholera Cure, Dr. J.A. Sherman’s Rupture CurativeCompound, Dr. H.A. Strubles Kidney Cure and Wynkoop &Co’s Tonic Mixture Warranted To Cure Fever & Ague.....

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