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The word cholera is Latin for bilious disease, and hascome to indicate a severe intestinal infection. In humans, certain strains of Vibrio cholera, a bacterium, producethe disease that can be severe and even fatal. Classic cholera isoften referred to as Asiatic cholera because the disease wasoriginally confined to Asia. Fluid and electrolyte replacement isthe mainstay of treatment. Antibiotics shorten the duration ofthe disease. Opium and bismuth were used in 1886. A bettervaccine has been developed, but safe food and water and prolongedbreast-feeding are still the most important preventatives.
European cholera is considered to be a less dangerous form of thedisease. Cholera infantum refers to a severe diarrhea of youngchildren, bacterial or viral, which is most common during thesummer months. Winter cholera is milder and usually due to avirus.
Chicken or fowl cholera is caused by Pasturella multocida,bacterium, and can be acute and often fatal or chronic. Itresponds to certain antibiotics.
Hog cholera results from infection by a RNA virus of the genusPestivirus. It has also been called swine fever. Vaccines helpbut allow the virus to continue in the body. Infected animalsusually have to be slaughtered.

Ganter'sMagic Chicken Cholera Cure.

Chamberlain'sColic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy..

Cholera of sheep has been described inScotland affecting lambs of that year in August and September,but I found little more about it.
Five bimal "cholera" bottles are in my collection:Brewster’s // Cholera // Mixture, blowpipe pontil,eight-sided, rolled lip, aqua, 4 3/4 inches tall;Chamberlain’s // Colic Cholera and / Diarrhea Remedy //Chamberlain & Co. // Desmoines, Iowa, rectangular, aqua, 51/2 inches tall; Gilbert’s Cure / For / Cholera Infantum,rectangular, aqua, 6 1/8 inches tall; 6 oz. / L.F. Ganter’s/ Magic / Chicken / Cholera / Cure / L.F. Ganter / Medicine Co. /Glassgo, KY. / U.S.A., all horizontally, rectangular, amber, 61/8 inches tall; and Hog Cholera / Specific, square, clear, 3 1/8inches tall.
The Brewster’s is considered to be rare, and may have beenfrom E.F. Brewster, Bridgeton, New Jersey, who put out a pectoralmixture in a blowpipe pontiled bottle, or Dr. Brewster,Killingsly, Ct., who had a rheumatic liniment in a blowpipepontiled bottle.
Brothers’ Davis and Lowell Chamberlain established aproprietary medicine business in Marion, Iowa, in 1873. Withtheir sister Izanna in 1881, they formed Chamberlain and Companyin Desmoines. The firm became the Chamberlain Medicine Co. in1892, and soon expanded to Australia, Canada and South Africa.They also put out a cough remedy, liniment, pain balm and handlotion. My bottle has a spelling error, I for L in Chamberlain& Co.

Gilbert's Cure for

Cholera Infantom.

Brewster's Cholera Mixture.

I wrote about Gilbert’s curefor Cholera Infantum in 1995, and have learned nothing more. Itappears to be a truly rare bottle.
My Ganter’s Chicken Cholera Cure bottle has Glasgo and notthe spelling of Glasgow. Bill Agee pictures one with Glasgowembossed in Collecting All Cures. Ganter patented the ChickenCholera Cure August 31, 1886, and had patented a Tooth AcheAugust 3, 1886. I’m not aware of an embossed Tooth Ache Curebottle.

There is a very rare cobalt rectangular bottle 9 1/2 inches tallembossed Hillman’s American / Chicken Cholera Cure /Arlington, Minn. I understand that it’s pretty expensive.
I’ve found nothing on the Hog Cholera / Specific bottle. Betthe stuff didn’t help. Hog-ine from Welbourne, VA. andHogchick from Summerford OH. had patents in 1896 and 1897 tomanufacture hog medicine.....

HogCholera Specific.

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