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We usually collect antique medicine bottles by categoryand look for the name embossed in the glass, or at least anembossed Indian name in the case of Indian medicines. Balms,Balsams, Bitters, Bloods, Cures, Indians, Liniments,Sarsaparillas, Specifics, and Tonics are among the magic words onour want lists. If more than one of these words is embossed thebottle can be considered to be a bonus medicine. I findtwenty-five examples of this in my collection.

Geo. C. Goodwin / Boston / Indian

Vegetable and Sarsaparilla Bitters, o.p.

Winans Brothers Indian Cure

For the Blood.

Label for Winans Brothers Cure For

The Blood (Dan Cowman Collection)

Brant's Indian // Pulmonary Balsam // T.M.Wallace / Proprietor, 6 3/4 inches tall, aqua, 8 sided, o.p.

Brown's / Celebrated / Indian Herb Bitters(shield shaped panel), 12 1/2 inches tall, amber, Indian femalefigural.

Emerson'sSarsaparilla 3-Bottles Guaranteed to Cure-3.

Brown Boston / Sarsaparilla / & / Tomato /Bitters, 9 inches tall, aqua, oval, o.p.

Brown's/ Sarsa / Parilla // For The Kidneys / Liver and Blood, 9 1/2inches tall, aqua, rectangular.

Burdock / Blood / Bitters // Fostre Milburn& Co. // Buffalo, N.Y., 8 1/2 inches tall, aqua, rectangular.

Dr. DeAndries // Sarsaparilla / Bitters // E.M.Rusha / New Orleans, 10 inches tall, amber, rectangular.

Emerson's Sarsaparilla / 3-Bottles Guaranteedto cure-3 / Kansas City, Mo., 8 1/2 inches tall, clear, oval.

Dr DeAndriesSarsaparilla Bitters, E.M. Rusha, New Orleans.

Goffs // Indian Vegetable / Cough Syrup / &Blood Purifier // Camden, N.J., 6 inches tall, aqua, rectangular.

Geo. C. Goodwin // Boston // Indian Vegetable /And / Sarsaparilla // Bitters, 8 inches tall, aqua, rectangular,o.p.

Healy & Bigalow's / Kickapoo / Indian CoughCure, 5 1/4 inches tall, aqua, round.

Dr. Kilmer's / Cough Cure / Consumption Oil(embossed lungs) / Catarrh / Specific // Dr. Kilmer & Co. //Binghamton, N.Y., 8 5/8 inches tall, aqua, rectangular.

Dr. Kilmer's / Indian / Cough Cure ConsumptionOil / Binghamton / N.Y., U.S.A., 7 1/8 inches tall, aqua,rectangular.

Same, 5 3/4 inches tall.

Dr. Kilmer's / Swamp / Root / Kidney / Liver& / Bladder / Cure (embossed kidney) / The Great / Specific// Dr. Kilmer & co. // Binghamton, N.Y., 8 1/4 inches tall,aqua, rectangular.

Lash's Kidney and Liver Bitters // The BestCathartic / And Blood Purifier, 9 1/2 inches tall, amber, square.

Louden & Co.'s // Cherokee // Liniment //Philad. A, 5 1/4 inches tall, aqua, 12 sides, o.p.

Old Dr. // Jacob / Townsend's / Sarsaparilla //London // The Blood Purifier, 7 1/2 inches tall, aqua,rectangular with beveled corners.

Old Sachem / Bitters / And / Wigwam Tonic, 91/2 inches tall, amber, barrel.

Dr. Geo Pierce's // Indian / Restorative /Bitters // Lowell, Mass., 7 1/2 inches tall, aqua, rectangular,o.p.

Race's Indian // Blood Renovator, 8 7/8 inchestall, aqua, rectangular.

"Wyanolce" Dr. Park's Indian Liniment, S.B.

Goff's Indian Vegetable Cough Syrup & Blood

Purifier, and Healy & Bigalow's Kickapoo

Indian Cough Cure.

Old Sachem Bitters & Wigwam Tonic

and Brown's Indian Herb Bitters.

Brant's Indian Pulmonary Balsam, Dr. Geo. Pierce's

Indian Restorative Bitters and Louden's

Cherokee Liniment.

Wait's Kidney And Liver Bitters // California'sOwn / True Laxative / And Blood Purifier, 9 inches tall, amber,square.

Winans Brothers // Winans Bros. / embossedIndian / Trademark / Indian / Cure / For The / Blood / Price$1.00 // Indian Cure, 9 1/4 inches tall, aqua, rectangular.

Dr. Wood's / Sarsaparilla / & / Wild Cherry/ Bitters, 9” tall, aqua, rectangular with beveled corners,o.p.

Wright's Indian / Cough Balsam, 5 inches tall,aqua, rectangular.

Wyanke / Dr. Park's Indian Liniment / A.M.Follett. Prop., Concord, N.H., 5 1/4 inches tall, clear, round.

Two of these bottles have three categoriesembossed, Geo. C. Goodwin, Boston, Indian Vegetable andSarsaparilla Bitters and the Winans Brothers Indian Cure For TheBlood. I suppose that makes them “super” bonusmedicines! They are good bottles due to their embossing,scarcity, and age in the case of the Goodwins.

George Goodwin began manufacturing patentmedicines in the 1840's at 76 Union in Boston. Around 1850, heand Dr. John O. Langley of Langley's Bitters became partners andin 1854, moved to 99 Union.

By 1857, the firm was named Geo. C. Goodwin& Co., and had taken in William B. Hibbard as a juniorpartner. Goodwin retired in 1859 and his son Charles C. Langley,and Hibbard ran the business. In 1863, they moved to 38 Hanover.Eventually the company became on of Boston's largest wholesaledrug firms.

The Winans Medicine Company is listed in theWorcester, Massachusetts directories from 1885 through 1863.Smith Winans was given as manager. By 1888 the company had set uplaboratories at 9 and 11 Prescott Street in Worcester.

Dr. DeAndries Sarsaparilla Bitters, E.M. Rusha,New Orleans, probably never was circulated widely. I know ofeight bottles, on in a yellow green, and two with iron pontils.One respected collector from the South thinks there may be over50 in existence. Edwin M. Rusha advertised his product as earlyas 1861. He was listed in the New Orleans City Directories from1850 through 1885 as owner of a wholesale and retail liquor storeat 55 and 57 Girod Street. After 1885, his name continued toappear for several years, but there was no longer a listing forthe liquor store. (Cannon, R.A.: Those Scarce Southern SouthernSarsaparillas, Old Bottle Magazine, November, 1977).

If someone comes up with a medicine with fourcategories embossed, I suppose it should be called a “superduper” bonus bottle!

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