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We usually collect by category, but I have given littlethought to the gradual acquisition of a group of pontiledmedicines with 25 different “doctors” embossed. Thesephysicians varied in formal training from none to some. 19thcentury medical education in the United States was of poorquality until later in the century when Johns Hopkins, Harvard,and Yale began to pattern their teaching after the moreprogressive European medical schools.

Dr. Woodworth's Sarsaparilla Dr. S.M. Giddings's

Preparations, N.Y.

Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla Wild Cherry Bitters.

We have a current reference work. PontiledMedicine Price Guide, Third Edition, 1995, by Jim Holst. Hehas put together all of the previously available information including that of the fabulousSamuel Greer collection. The letters and numbers following theembossing of my bottles are from Holst's book.

Dr.Hoofland's German Bitters and Dr. Jackson's Rheumatic Liniment.

A number of these bottles have been included inpast Medicine Chest articles. I will give what I've beenable to find about 7 of the above.

Dr. S.M. Gidding's / Preparations / N.Y.,blowpipe pontil, 7 1/4 inches tall, oval, aqua is considered tobe rare. The New York Daily Times advertised Dr. S.M. Gidding'sRemedy for Cholera, Etc. in July, 1854 and Dr. S.M. Gidding'sLiniment in September, 1854.

Dr. Sanford'sInvigorator and Dr. Mann's Celebrated Ague Balsam.

Dyspepsia & C // Dr. Hoofland's / GermanBitters // Liver Complaint // C.M. Jackson / Philadelphia,blowpipe pontil, 6 7/8 inches tall, rectangular and aqua. C.M.Jackson began to distribute the Dr. Hoofland remedies about 1850.There was also a Balsamic Cordial, H 133 in Holst's book, GreekOil, and Pills. In 1863, Jackson sold out to Charles Evans andR.S. Jones. Smooth base variants of Hoofland's Bitters 7, 8, and9 1/2 inches tall, also exist. The “& C” of theembossing probably stands for et cetera or etc.

One wonders if my Dr. Jackson's / Rheumatic /Liniment / Philad, bpp, 5 1/2 inches tall, oval, aqua bottle wasalso from C.M. Jackson. There's a Dr. Jackson's / Pile /Embrocation / Phila., blowpipe pontil, 3 1/4 inches tall, round,and aqua, as well.

Dr. Mann's // Celebrated / Ague Balsam //Galion, Ohio, bare iron pontil, 6 3/4 inches tall, rectangular,very deep aqua, and scarce, is a beautiful bottle. Dr. Mann'sinitials are S.K. Ads are known back to 1856, and it was stillbeing advertised in 1892.

Sanford & Co. // Dr. Sanford's /Invigorator // Proprietors, N.Y., blowpipe pontil, 6 1/8 inchestall, rectangular, and aqua, is also scarce. Samuel T.W. Sanford,a New York City physician, began selling the Invigorator in themid-1840s. About 1878, the Potter Drug and Chemical Co. became asubsidiary manufacturer of some of Dr. Sanford's preparationsincluding the Liver Invigorator, and distributed them from Bostonand London. Other products included the Radical Cure, Essence ofJamaica Ginger, and White Pine Balsam.

Dr. Wood's // Sarsaparilla / & / WildCherry // Bitters, blowpipe pontil, 9 inches tall, rectangularwith wide beveled edges, and aqua is scarce. An ad in an 1847Meadville, Pa. Paper says “made by Wyatt and Ketcham, 121Fulton St., N.Y.C.”. It was advertised as early as 1845, andas far away as the North Carolina Standard on April 21, 1847.

Dr. Woodworth's / Sarsaparilla // //Birmingham, Ct., bpp, 10 inches tall, rectangular with bevelededges, and aqua is a scarce and desirable bottle. A 9 3/4 inchestall variant without Birmingham, Ct. embossed also exists. Theproduct was advertised in 1854 as “The Great ConnecticutRemedy”. The town of Birmingam no longer exists. It's nowpart of Derby Ct.

I could have sold medicines when I was a youngdoctor still in training. There was a little girl with cancer,and this new drug work real well, at least for a while. The goodnews made a local paper and the child's mother gave readers whocalled my name. Soon, I was getting many letters from people withcancer who wanted the medicine. It could have been called Dr.Cannon's Celebrated Cancer Cure, in care of the StatePenitentiary, Huntsville, Texas.

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