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U.S. Territorial bottles are generally rare and of greatinterest to many of us. In 1992, Christian James Buys of GrandJunction, Colorado compiled a book, A List Of Territorial BottlesOf The United States Embossed With Territorial Designations. Theterritories were Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Dakota, Hawaii,Idaho, Indian Territory, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah,Washington, and Wyoming. Drug store bottles are known fromArizona, Dakota, Hawaii, Indian Territory, Montana, Oklahoma,Washington, and Wyoming. The other territories had only sodas and/or beers; Alaska, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon hadno known embossed territory bottles according to Buys.

L.T. Dunning and store after 1909 blizzard. L.T. Dunning ad. L.T. Dunning and his house about 1890.

Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory becameOklahoma in 1907, and Johnnie Fletcher put out anexcellent book in 1991, Oklahoma Drug Store Bottles, which deals with this verycollectable group of territorial bottles.

L.T. Dunning, SiouxFalls, Dak. and T.W. Hood, Canton, D.T.

G.W.Lorwy, Sioux Falls, Dak.

The Dakota Territory existed from 1861 to 1889,when the land was divided into North and South to become our 39thand 40th states. In addition to drug stores, sodas,beers, a pumpkin seed whiskey, and two dose glasses, there is aclear, figural teepee medicine, 6 inches tall embossed Blackhawk(angled across top of teepee) / Specifics (upside-down on theother half of teepee), and Blackhawk Medicine Co. / Pierre / D.T./ U.S.A (on the base). Some Dakota Territory bottles are embossedD.T., and some simply Dakota without the North or South.

I own two clear drug store bottles as follows:Cor. / Store / T.W. Hood / Druggist / Canton, D.T., oval, 3 5/8inches tall; and L.T. Dunning / Pharmacist / Sioux Falls, Dak.,rectangular with beveled corners, 4 3/8 inches tall.

Kim Johnke of Sioux Falls, S.D., has been kindenough to send me a photograph and information about a very rareand choice bottle he has dug: amber, G.W. Lowry / Druggist /Sioux Falls, Dak., embossed among decorative lines, rectangularwith beveled corners, 6 3/4 inches tall. It's the only completeone known in this size. Smaller ambers exist, 3,4, and 5 inchestall, some with Drug Store instead of Druggist embossed, andthere's a 4 1/2-inch tall clear with Geo. Instead of G.W. embossed.

Brisley Drug Co.Everything Curative Prescott, Arizona.

Thomas W. Hood of Canton (near Sioux Falls inwhat's now South Dakota) operated the Corner Drug Store on thesoutheast corner of Fifth and Dakota from 1881 to the mid-1880s.Clear from 3 1/2 – 5 inches are known, as well as ambersfrom 3 – 8 3/4 inches.

L.T. Dunning was a druggist in Sioux Falls atEight and Philips from 1874 to1920. There's an updated ad as well as photos of Dunning infront of his store after a blizzard in 1909 and beside his homeabout 1890. Clear oval and rectangular bottles are known inseveral sizes.

G.W.Lorwy ad.

George W. Lowry was in business in Sioux Fallsfrom 1887 – 1893, and served as treasurer for the Knights ofPythias. There's an ad from Lowry's establishment after SiouxFalls became a city in South Dakota.

Christian Buys lists five drug store bottlesfrom the Arizona Territory (1863 – 1912). One is embossedHarry Brisley / Burke Hotel Bldg. / Prescott, A.T. I have arelated bottle embossed Brisley Drug Co. / Everything Curative /Prescott, Arizona. Wonder how many Cure collectors have this one?

Speaking of teepees, there was this Indian whowas very confused because on day he thought he was a teepee andthe next, a wigwam. Soon he consulted the tribal medicine man whowrinkled his brow and declared that “you are twotents...”




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