We like the unique, mold blown glassbottles that held 19th century medicines, but the old metalcontainers have a certain appeal also, particularly or when onewas treated with some of the stuff during childhood.

Cuticura Ointment Chamberlain's Eye & Skin Ointment Cannon's Salve Gray's Ointment

Naturally, Ijumped at the opportunity to purchase my Dr.J. Cannon / Salve Co.Ltd. / Cannon Salve / Best Salve in the World / Petroskey, Mich.round, 2 1/2 by 1 inches, yellow with black letters. On thereverse is given this information: "To the Public. I haveused this salve over 30 years in my private practice. For cuts,bruises, burns, scalds, erysipelas, inflammation boils,carbuncles, sprains, poisoned sores, broken bones, diphtheria, eczema, caked or inflamedbreasts, gun-shot wounds, inflammation of the eyes, ring-worms;rusty nail sores, cures at once; blood poison cannot exist. Werecommend our salve for the above".

Sue Van Berlo ofthe Petrosky Public Library failed to turn up anything about Dr.James Cannon in old newspapers, but found information in the citydirectories from 1899 through 1911-12. In 1899, he was listed asa physician and surgeon with his office and residence at 219Lake, phone 253. Mrs. Cannon (Lemira) and Miss Georgia I. Cannonalso resided at 219 Lake St. James Cannon, physician, alsoappeared in 1903. The 1909-10 directory listed Cannon J. SalveCo., Ltd., W.H. Van Gorder, chairman, 219 E. Lake, and thatLemira, widow of James, and Georgia I. still lived at 219 E.Lake. The 1911-12 directory gives Lemira, widow of James, bds(boards?) at 219 E. Lake. Hence, Dr. Cannon died some timebetween 1903 and 1909, but the company continued for a whileunder Mr. Van Gorder. Either the home was very large or theoperation was very small. Georgia must have been a daughter whofinally caught her man.

Thompson'sHemo Double Malted, Malted Milk, With Beef And Iron.

Did you ever get a"risen"? I think the medical term is boil, but wecalled them "resins" in Texas in the 1930s. Mineusually came in the heat of summer on my sitting down place, anddid they hurt! Mother would get out the Grays Ointment to drawout the pus. It was dark brown, messy, and smelled very bad, butthat's all we had to use. My Gray's Improved Genuine / Ointment /Manufactured by W.F. Gray and Co. / Nashville, Tenn. is round, 11/2 by 3/4 inches, and gray with black letters. It contained ZincOxide, Aluminum Oxide, Creosote, Carbolic Acid, Oil ofTurpentine, Menthol, Pine Tar, and Oil of Sassafras.

Dr. M.A.Simmons Vegetable Liver Medicine.

The Guide To TheAmerican Medical Association Historical Health Fraud AndAlternative Medicine Collection, 1922, refers to Gray's Ointmentas a general cure all, 1915-39. There was also Gray's GlycerinTonic Compound and an earlier Dr. Gray's Catarrh Powder whichcontained cocaine.

My Dr. Hobbs /Sparagus / Trade Mark on a green asparagus / Kidney Pills / ASpecific for all Kidney / and Blood Diseases / Price 50 cts. /Sterling Remedy Co. / Chicago, Montreal, New York // How are yourKidneys? // 50 Pills in Each Box, it is rectangular, measures 21/2 by 1 1/2 by 3/8 inches, and is ivory with black letter. Onthe back of the box is this: "Cure Bright's Disease,Diabetes, Bladder Troubles, Cystitis, Nephritis, Sleeplessness,Nervousness, and Congestion of the Kidneys. As Healthy KidneysMake Pure Blood, they will also Cure Blood Troubles such as Gout,Rheumatism, Sallow Complexion, Anemia, Chlorosis, NervousHeadache, Dizziness, Hysteria, Neuralgia, etc.".

Hobb's Pills -Takepill were patented in Chicago in 1892 by Harris C. Wilkinson.He patented Sparagus Kidney and Liver Pills in 1894. The SterlingRemedy Co. of Chicago, I11. registered the cut of a Gladiatorwith foot on another for medicine in 1895. My item has to belater, but does have part of a Proprietary Medicine Tax Stampremaining.

Hobb's Sparagus Kidney Pills Ramon's Tabs

Other metal itemsI found include: Chamberlain's / Eye & Skin / Ointment /Chamberlain & Co., Des Moines, Iowa, round, 1 3/4 by 5/8inches, red with black lettering, Dr. M.A. Simmons / Vegetable /Liver Medicine / Prepared only by C.F. Simmons Med. Co. / St.Louis, square, 2 1/8 by 1 5/8 inches, ivory with black letters,Cuticura Ointment / Potter Drug & Chemical Corp. / Malden,Mass., round, 2 by 5/8 inches, black with orange lettering,Ramon's / Tabs / 5 grains / Aspirin / 1 1/4 grain / Caffeine /Brown Mfg. Co. Distributors / LeRoy, N.Y., and Thompson's / Hemo/ Double Malted / Malted Milk / With Beef and Iron, impressed onthe lid of an aluminum round drinking container, 3 7/8 by 3inches. This last one I've found nothing on. It looks 1930s tome. Eric McGuire in Bottled Products and the U.S. Patent Office,19th Century Trade Mark and Label Registrations, 1991, giveseleven different Thompsons. My guess is the Wild Cherry PhosphateThompson, Amund G., of Chicago.

Kids these daysdon't know how lucky they are not to have Gray's Ointment rubbedon their "risens"!

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