Manycollectors look for old bottles embossed with their family name.My "Cannon" bottle was the subject in Medicine Chest,September, 1988. I've never been a genealogist, but one Christmaswe were given a large, black "Family Bible" to begincollecting dust on the coffee table. Between the Old Testamentand the New, were pages for the family tree with two pages forthe husband and two for the wife, so I located the "familygenealogists" and began to gather information.

Stockton Cannon andDaniel Stockton Cannon, 1974

Our younger son is named Daniel StocktonCannon, and my father was Stockton Cannon (1906-1988). Mygrandmother was Florence Permelia Stockton (1869-1908), and mygreat-grandmother was Gabriel Bumpas Stockton (1820-1883).Naturally I have also looked for "Stockton" bottles,and presently own two: Stockton's / Port Wine / S W Monogram /Bitters, amber, rectangular, 9 1/4 inches tall, and Stockton DrugCo. / 265 Main St. / Stockton, Cal., clear, rectangular 4 1/4inches tall.

Gabriel Bumpas Stockton's grandfather wasDouglas Hayden Stockton, a relative of Richard Stockton who was asigner of the Declaration of Independence. I'm not sure that myparents knew this when they named me. Gabriel's father wasDouglas Hayden Stockton II (1800-1836) and his mother was EmilyBumpas Stockton (1802-1882). Her father, Dr. James Bumpas(1769-1836) was a physician, as was his brother Gabriel(1768-1868). Also, Douglas and Emily had son in the healingprofession, Dr. James Madison Stockton (1832-1913), Gabriel'syounger brother. These are the only three physicians I know of inmy family tree before I became one. We had mostly teachers,preachers ranchers and merchants.


Florence P. Stockton

Gabriel Bumpas Stockton

The Bumpas Family From Person County,North Carolina., 1972, complied by Anne Shirley Bumpasand James Richard Townsend, tells that James' and Gabriel'sparents were Edward and Martha Bumpas, and that these sons wereborn in Person Co., N.C. They moved to South Carolina around1798, and Drs. James and Gabriel Bumpas headed a colony of 50 ormore from South Carolina about 1809, to become early settlers ofGiles County, Tennessee. James spent the remainder of his life inTennessee, but Gabriel died in Alabama. James' wife, Sarah FranksBumpas (1776-1865), was born in South Carolina. Along with hermany family duties, she prepared herbs and other medicines neededin her husband's practice.

Three of the Bumpas daughters married and movedto Texas with their husbands; Emily and Douglas H. Stockton IIwere among them. Several years after James died, Sarah alsodecided to move to Texas where she lived with her daughterHarriet and William Chappell in Washington County. General SamHouston was a neighbor and close friend who spent many eveningsin this home talking with Wm. Chappell and "MotherBumpas" (Sarah) about the problems of the Union and Texas'threat to secede. Sam was very opposed to the 1861 secession ofTexas.

Carlyn Ring in For Bitters Only,1980, considers Stockton's Port Wine Bitters bottles to bescarce.

Bill and Betty Wilson in 19th CenturyMedicine in Glass, 1971, state that William W. Stocktonlearned the wholesale liquor and wine business as a young man,working in his father's store in Santa Clara, Ca. When heinherited the business in 1882, he expanded the liquor departmentand sold the bitters on a local scale for a few years beforegiving sole agency to the large wholesale grocery house of AlbertMan & Co. in San Francisco. They distributed it more widely,but the brand was never a good seller. In 1887, Stockton moved toSan Francisco, where he suffered a series of setbacks due toillness, and operated a small cordials manufactory for a while.He died in 1900. Frank R. Quinn of the San Francisco publicLibrary could find no additional information. The Santa Clara Co.Historical Genealogical Society wrote the N.H. Stockton and hisbrother Stephenson Pernell Stockton both had establishedvineyards in Santa Clara Co. They did not know which was thefather of William W. Stockton.

Stockton's Port Wine Bitters Stockton Drug Co., Stockton, Cal.

They did find that Stephenson P. Stockton wasborn in 1830 in Alabama. Douglas Hayden II and Emily had 9children, all born in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., from 1820 through1836, but no sons with initials N.H. or S.P.

The Stockton-San Joaquin County Librarysupplied information about the Stockton Drug Company. Peter H.Dentoni (1879-1937) and Joseph M. Campodonico (1876-?) foundedthe store on November 23, 1906. My bottle is bimal, which isevidence that the drugstores used bimal embossed prescriptionbottles well into this century. Mr. Campodonico's CentralPharmacy in San Francisco had been burned out by "the fireof 1906", probably meaning at the time of the devastatingearthquake there on April 18, 1906. My father was born the nextday in Texas, and that's how I remember the date of theearthquake. The last Stockton City Directory entry for thecompany went out of business of changed its name after that time.The address given was N.E. Cor. Main and Sutter St. They werelisted as wholesale and retail.

Stockton was named by its founder, CaptainCharles M. Weber, in honor of Commodore Robert Stockton of theU.S. Navy, and was chartered as a city in 1850.

My wife's great-great-great-grandfather on herfather's side was Adlai Osborne (1744-1815). This same individualwas also the presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson'sgreat-great-great-uncle. My wife's father is very stronglyrepublican and was not particularly impressed when we told himabout this relationship.

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