Blue glass hasparticular eye-appeal, and some specialize in collecting items inthis color. It’s made by adding cobalt or copper to thebasic recipe of sand, soda, and lime. Therefore, colored glasswas more expensive to produce, so it is found less commonly inmedicine bottles than the natural aqua color. From the time thatBromo-Seltzer was patented in 1889, the company used the familiarcobalt blue bottles, apparently because it was thought that lighthad a deleterious effect on the contents. Perhaps this reasoningwas shared by the other manufacturers, or that the blue colormight help sell their product.

#19.Kickapoo Sage Hair Tonic.

I find 32 examples of cobalt blue and 7examples of corn flower blue in my collection of glass medicinecontainers:


#26.Wynkoop's, #23. Solomon's and #24. Swift's



1. Civil War: U.S.A./ Hosp. Dep’t in circle, oval, 6 7/8 inches tall; 5 3/4inches tall, 2
1/2 inches tall.

2. Cough Drops:Lutted’s / S.P. Cough / Drops, log cabin dish, 7 inchestall,
probably an older reproduction.

3. Drug Store: Dickey / embossed mortar and pestle and within Pioneer /1850 / then
below Chemist / S.F., rectangular, 5 3/4 inches tall.

4. O’Rourke & Hurley / Druggists &Pharmacists/507 Main Street / Little Falls, N.Y., oval, 4 1/8inches tall.

5. R.A. Robinson & Co. // Druggists // Louisville,square, 7 1/4 inches tall.

6. Swank’s Pharmacy / Carpenter & Greene Sts. /Germantown, oval, 5 1/4 inches tall.


7. Drug Supply: Budwell’s Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil No.2 / WithGuaiacal / And
Creosote Carbonate / Budwell Pharmacal Co., Lynchburg, Va., oval,8 1/4 inches tall.

8. Chesbro’s Liquid / Corn Plaster/Chesbro Bros. /Williamtic, Ct., round, 2 inches tall.

9. Keasbey & Mattson Co. Ambler, Pa. around theshoulder, round, 5 7/8 inches tall.

10. Lactopeptine // The Best / Remedial Agent in All /Digestive Disorders // The New York
/ Pharmacal Association, square, 7 3/4 inches tall.

11 Peptenzyme // // Reed & Carnrick / Jersey City /N.J., square, 8 5/8 inches tall;

12. Sharp & Dohme / Baltimore, rectangular, 3 7/8 inchestall;

13. Wm. R. Warner & Co. / Philadelphia, round, 5 7/8inches tall;

14. Wm. R. Warner & Co./New York-St. Louis, ABM, round,6 inches tall.

15. John Wyeth & Bro., square, 5 3/4 inches tall withDose Cup embossed A Heaping Dessert Spoonful around This / Cup /Holds and the numbers 1-12 around the opposite rim.

16. Eye: Collyrium // Wyeth embossed on eye cup stopper or around, ABM bottle, both 7 1/4 inches tall.

#1. 2. & 3.Bishop's.

17. Embossed Eye and Eyebrow, rectangular, 6 3/8 inchestall.

18. Eye Cups, 2 1/2 and 2 5/8 inches tall.

19. Hair Tonic: Kickapoo / Sage / Hair Tonic, round, 4 1/2 inches tall.

20. ProprietaryMedicines: Bromo-Seltzer / Emerson / DrugCo. / Baltimore, Md.
round, 4 1/4 inches tall.

21. W.H. Hooker & Co. / Sole Agents / North & SouthAmerica // Acker’s English Remedy // For The Throat &Lungs, rectangular, 3 5/8 inches tall.

22. Sanford’s // // Radical Cure, rectangular, 7 3/4inches tall.

23. Solomon’s / Strengthening & / InvigoratingBitters // // Savanna / Georgia, square, 9 5/8 inches tall.

24. Swift’s / Syphilitic Specific, oval with strapsides, 9 inches tall.

25. Wakelee’s / Camelline, rectangular, 5 inches tall.

26. Dr. Wynkoop’s / Katharismic Honduras /Sarsaparilla //New-York, blow-pipe pontil, rectangular, 10 1/8inches tall.

27. Oriental: Three Oriental Symbols, round, 3 5/8 inches tall.

28. Poisons: Melin& Badger / Apothecaries /Boston, Mass. // ribs each side,rectangular, beveled, 5 1/8 inches tall.

29. Not To Be Taken//ribs// // //ribs, six sided, 5 3/4inches tall.

30. Poison and ribs on all sides, square, 2 3/4 inchestall.

#17.Embossed Eye.

1. Drug Supply: Aover B in circle / Bishop’s, oval, 3 3/8 inches tall.

2. Bishop’s / Granular Citrate / Of Caffeine //Headaches Cured on bevel above and below, rectangular withbeveling, 6 1/8 inches tall.

3. Same, 4 3/4 inches tall.

4. Phillips’ / Milk Of / Trade Mark and monogram incircle/ Magnesia / Reg’d. In U.S. Patent Office / Aug. 21,1906, oval with strap sides, 6 7/8 inches tall.

5. Proprietary Medicines: Bromo / Caffeine, round, 3 1/4 inches tall;Clarke’s // World
Famed / Blood Mixture // Lincoln.

#7. Budwell'sEmulsion of Cod Liver Oil No. 2.

6. Veterinary: R.C.Trigger / Veterinary Surgeon / Newcastle, rectangular, 6 1/8inches tall.

The Budwell’s,Solomon’s, Swift’s, U.S.A. Hosp., and Wynkoop’sare very desirable bottles and have served as past Medicine Chestsubjects. So has the Lutted’s. I like the Embossed Eyebottle, and have not seen another example.
The Robinson is rare, and I purchased it from Gene Blasi ofLouisville. In his book Louisville’s Early Medicine Bottles,1992, he lists a square lip one plus R.A. Robinson & Co /Importers & Wholesale Druggists / Louisville, KY., square, 71/2 inches tall, and R.A. Robinson & Co./Importers & /Wholesale Druggists / Louisville, KY., rectangular, 6 inchestall, all cobalt and rare. Blasi gives an 1864 ad and an 1879sales slip which indicates that R.A., Wm. A., and WorthingtonRobinson were officers of the company as well as Charles H.Pettet.

John Odell, Indian Bottles AndBrands, 1977, had this to say about Kickapoo Sage Hair Tonic in 1992: “Healy andBigelow had sold their interests in the Kickapoo Company andtheir successors, whomaintained the company name, were responsible for theintroduction of this product. I know it was introduced quite lateand have seen the labeled examples with the Food and Drug Actnotice. The Kickapoo Sage Hair Tonic is very uncharacteristic ofother Healy and Bigelow products”.

#8.Chesbro's Liquid Corn Plaster.

Bishop products may have been of Australian origin with a branchin San Francisco, but I’ve not been able to find out forsure. The Clark’s appears to be English. It was advertisedin the San Francisco Chronicle in 1980.

#1 (3)Different size U.S.A Hosp. Dep't.

I have no information on the ChesbroBrothers of Williamtic, Ct. This is not the same as Chesebroughof New York who put out Vaseline.
The other items are from fairly well known sources and arereviewed by Richard Fike in The Bottle Book, 1987.
I cannot leave this subject without again commenting on Dr. SamGreer’s giant
Wynkoop’sSarsaparilla For The Blood. He even took it out of the case andlet me hold it. It went for a cool $36,000 in the auction! Whenviewing another’s collection, one should always wait to letthe owner decide whether a specimen is to be handled. Then if youbreak it, it was broken in a nice way.....

#5. R.A.Robinson & Co. Druggists, Louisville.

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7. Ibid.: Honduras Sarsaparilla, AB & GC.
8. Munsy, C.: Bromo-Seltzer, Bottles & Extras, Jun, 1992.





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