Historically,there is a mingling of medicines and beverages. Mineral waterswere considered to be of health benefit, and were oftencarbonated by nature. Dr. Joseph Priestly, an English scientist,discovered oxygen, and in 1772 was given credit for the firstpractical method of artificially carbonating water. After this,some natural mineral waters without carbonation were carbonatedartificially, and other waters were also artificially carbonated.When flavors were added, they became soda waters5 Chemists,pharmacists, doctors,and business people all got into the act, so it’s notsurprising that some 19th century medicines were put out in sodawater type bottles.

Buffum's Sarsaparilla& Lemon Mineral water.

The following items in my collection fit into thiscategory, all bottles, bimal:

1. Buffum’s // Sarsaparilla // & Lemon // MineralWater // Pittsburgh, bare iron pontil, ten sided, deep aqua, 73/4 inches tall.

CharlesJoly Jamaica Sarsaparilla.

2.Charles Joly / Philadelphia / Jamaica Sarsaparilla, round, amber,blob top, 9 1/2 inches tall.

3. Dr.S.F. Stowe’s / Ambrosial Nectar / monogram of wreath andstemmed glass / Patented May 22, 1866, round, lime green, narrowband below lip, 8 inches tall.

4. R.Bovee / Troy N.Y. // Mineral / Waters, Hutchinson type, clear, 7inches tall.

5. ABlood Purifier / Tonic Diuretic / Laxative and Appetizer / WootanWells Mineral Water / Bottled At / Wootan Wells, Tex. / By WootanWells Co., Hutchinson type, aqua, 6 1/2 inches tall.

6.Allouez / A Curative Water / For Kidney, Liver & Stomach /For Sale Here, advertising sign, 9 by 18 1/2 inches.]

7. Phoenix/ PNBC monogram / Nerve Beverage Co. / Boston / U.S.A., round,clear, crown top, 9 1/4 inches tall.

8. Drink / Delicious / Bludwine / Trade Mark / For Your /Health’s Sake all inside a wreath of leaves, and below CityBottling Works / Sulfur Springs, Tex.

Dr. S.F.Stowe's Ambrosial Nectar.

Through the years, sarsaparilla was used to treat syphilis, skindiseases and rheumatism; later to purify the blood.6 By 1909, itwas found to have little if any medicinal value.1 Governmentchemists after 1906 and the Pure Food and Drugs Act discoveredthat some mineral waters had so little mineral content that theymight as well have come from an ordinary water tap; and some weredownright filthy.3

WootanWells and R. Bovee Mineral Waters.

J.C. Buffum and Co., was first listed in the Pittsburgh CityDirectory in 1857, as manufacturers of Sarsaparilla, mineralwater and soda water. They were located at 26 Market Street near2nd. They had a cobalt bottle exactly like my deep aqua one andlater a smooth base cobalt almost torpedo shaped bottle, 8 1/4inches tall, embossed in circles Buffum & Co. / Pittsburgh //Sarsaparilla / And / Mineral Water. Later locations were 122-4Third Ave. in 1902, and the 1200 block of Voskamp St. in 1910.The company was not listed after 1920.2

Charles Joly was in business as early as 1848 according to onead. The Philadelphia address in 1884 was No. 9 S. 7th St., andfrom 1908-1909, 1122 McClellan St. Jamaica Sarsaparilla was alsoput out in a 10 inch tall crown top variant.2 Charles Jolypatented Joly’s Beer in Philadelphia in 1878.4

Ambrosial Nectar was a root beer for medicinal purposes. Dr.Samuel F. Stowe was in Providence R.I., and had other medicinesincluding a Vegetable Rheumatic Tincture and Magic Fluid. Stowedied about 1882, and his daughter Sally B. Stowe continued thebusiness, patenting Dr. Samuel Stowe’s Vegetable RheumaticTincture in 1884.4,7 I have no specific information about R.Bovee. Troy is near enough to Saratoga Springs to havecapitalized on the mineral water business. The Hutchinson typecontainer was used most extensively between 1890 and 1912.5


Allouez Curative Water.

Wootan Wells no longer exists. It was located about 30 milessoutheast of Waco. Francis M. Wootan established it as a resortcommunity about 1880. It centered around wells of mineral waterfound on his farm land. Soon there were three hotels, a muledrawn railway, a telegraph, a Wells Fargo, and several stores,dance halls, cabins and cottages. Things went very well untilabout 1910, when fire destroyed a large hotel. Soon, the bottlingplant burned along with other buildings. In 1916, the wells beganto fail, and by 1923, only a few foundations remained. There wasmineral water in Marlin, a near by town, so all the activitybegan to center there.2

The Allouez Mineral Spring Water Company was located in GreenBay, Wis. I have no other information about this product.3

Phenix Nerve Beverageand Delicious Bludwine.

Adams & Taylor of Boston, Ma. patented Phoenix-Scheidam Ginin 1872 and again in 1875. Whether there is any relationship tothe Phenix Nerve Beverage Co. of Boston is not known to me.4

Bludwine doesn’t sound very delicious tome. Neither does sulphur spings. The German word for blood is Blut;for wine, wein. Modified German? Maybe.....

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